7 Things Your Competitor Can Teach You To Rank Higher On Google

In today’s world, competition is everywhere. There is so much saturation in almost every field that competing and striving to be on top is everyone’s primary motive. Being ahead in the competition does not mean bringing someone down using some malicious means, in fact, you can follow the rules and perform activities better than your competitors to outperform them.

You have to be smart and learn their strategies about how to be more successful and then implement it better. You don't need to re-invent the wheel. Where possible, you should go out of your way to learn from your competitors and plan the structure of your marketing strategy by simply analyzing and doing thorough research of your competition. In SEO and web hosting, websites that get the most traffic are the ones that are prospering. If your competitors are ahead of you, make sure you get an idea of what they are doing right, to identify where you are going wrong.

Identify your real competitors

Any company or website that you are competing for better web visibility and traffic should be your competitor, not just the ones pertaining to your product. Do a small analysis based on the location and the type of industry you are associated with and find out more about them through members directories. You can even set up alerts which will update you on the progress of your competing services.

Determine the keywords you are competing for

Once you have a hold of your competitors, start analyzing the keywords that your competitors are using and how they are getting more hits out of it. There are different tools available for it, like the Google Keyword Planner where as soon as you enter the URL of your competitor, it will list down all the keywords that they have been effectively using.

Comparing and learning becomes very easy this way. The role of the company hosting your website becomes very important here as they implement the keywords optimally. Bluehost web hosting service has been identified as a pioneer for this said purpose.

Create engaging content

The holy grail of any website is the content it hosts. It is what drives more and more people towards a particular website and generates a number of hits to go higher up the rankings in Google. Your competitors must be having more variety and quality content in order to stay up the ladder. It is an indication for you to up your game.

Do your research about what interests the common public more, maybe conduct a study or ask for opinions through your website and once you catch the pulse of the people, make sure you improve the quality of the content you write.

Optimize URL structure

If you look into the strategy of your competitors, one thing that they have got right is putting up URLs which are user-friendly and straightforward and can be easily targeted upon by SEO services. They must be meaningful and simple. Therefore, you should adopt this strategy too while creating your URL.

Meta titles and descriptions

Some people might say that this is a thing of the past, but if you look into the history of any SEO that has done well in the recent past, it is because it has been able to guide the viewer to the right direction using meta titles and appropriate description. Make sure that your website has the right mix of titles and descriptions to make your agenda clear to the people visiting it.

Be consistent with your social media campaigns

Social media has taken a firm grip on all aspects of life, with marketing being a key factor for more web visibility and more traffic passing through your website. One mistake that bloggers tend to do is be normal. The normal and conventional methods may have worked all this while, but it is time for a drastic change which will set you apart from the rest of your competitors in the market. You should strive to create a campaign on social media that has never been seen or heard before.

The more catchy and innovative it is, the more are its chances of garnering the interests of viewers. Once you have hit the right spot, being consistent in maintaining the campaign also becomes as critical as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to do so.

Link building strategy

Having a strong link is also necessary for having more traffic. Your competitors might have built the strength of their link in such a way that it is easily accessible by all. Make Strategies and build your link in such a way that is available in all appropriate portals and people can arrive at your website easily.

Again, your web hosting service provider plays an integral role here to keep the uptime of your website as high as possible, so that no one exits your website because of inaccessibility.

Healthy competition has never harmed anyone and setting the achievements of your competitors as a benchmark and striving to do one better can act as enough motivation for a successful leap up the ranks on Google.