Fuel Your Inbound Strategy with Email Marketing

Email marketing is frequently seen as the outbound digital marketing strategy, but when used effectively it plays an important part in inbound marketing strategy. Outbound emails focus on pushing your audience to take action and bombarding their inboxes with sales mails. Whereas, inbound email marketing focuses on providing value to customers and pulling them to take action. This works through a process of targeted relationship building and sharing content that they find beneficial.

In Inbound Marketing, Email marketing syncs closely with your CRM and helps marketers segment audience and provide them with only the content that is relevant to them. 

Create personalized content

The old-fashioned way of conducting email marketing was to purchase a list, create an email and blast it out to the whole lot. In this marketing approach, we blast emails and wait for contacts to take the desired action you want them to take. This marketing approach is impersonal and highly inaccurate. The only way to gain results through such a strategy was to rely on sheer weight of numbers.

Inbound marketing uses far more precise methods. Using a CRM it is possible to segment your contact database based on their relationship with you, growth potential, geographical location, job position or industry; or any other valuable metric. You can then go about crafting a specific message that meets their requirements. The more an email pre-empts the questions your prospects may have about and helps them understand your relevance to them, the higher your click through and conversion rate.

Generate traffic to your site

You produce great content, but how do you disseminate it to your audience. Most likely, you send them an email. That's because other channels take time and a lot of effort. E-mail is a great way to provide value to our audience, and we do that by sending our content in our emails and generating traffic. Further, email marketing, unlike other channels, helps you gain insights into how an individual has engaged with your email and helps you follow a course of action.

Reach right people at right time

Successful inbound marketing requires reaching out to right people at the right time. Email marketing when integrated with Inbound Marketing tools help you achieve that. You can use automation workflows to trigger emails based on the contact's browsing behavior and the actions they take. These triggered emails have 152% higher CTR when compared to traditional emails, drive prospects and customers in their buying journey and help marketers convert market qualified leads to sales qualified leads. 

Producing cost-effective campaigns

While traditional campaigns like direct or print can be costly, email marketing campaigns tend to be more cost-effective.

For example, you won't have to pay for any photoshoots, location fees, printers, mailing, or placement. All you need is a copywriter and graphic artist (if you aren't using stock images). This can even be one person on your team.

Additionally, email campaigns don't take long to produce. If needed, you can produce an email in one day, which is much more cost-effective than the time it takes to produce a direct or print campaign.

Since time and budget constraints always impact marketers, email marketing campaigns can be more efficient, while also generating revenue and leads.

Providing more value to your audience

Many marketers use email marketing primarily for lead generation. Once a lead is generated, marketers exclude these leads from promotional emails and pass on the lead to sales team. With the changing role of marketers, it is essential that you nurture leads before passing them on to the sales team. In the lead nurturing process, you provide valuable information to your contacts regularly using emails and solve their problems with the final goal of converting them.

Collecting feedback and surveys

With email marketing as part of your Inbound strategy, it is easier to collect feedback and conduct surveys. You don’t need your contacts to fill forms for collecting basic feedback or survey. You can collect those details by asking them to click on the right link.

Improving sales

when you run inbound marketing activities at scale and share relevant content via email, people trust you as a trusted advisor and come to you for resolving their challenges. This will help you increase your sales and grow your business.

On an overall note, Email marketing plays a crucial role in Inbound Strategy. It is one of the affordable ways to get in touch with your customers and generate a good number of leads.