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Fuel Your Inbound Strategy with Email Marketing

Email marketing is frequently seen as the outbound digital marketing strategy, but when used effectively it plays an important part in inbound marketing strategy. Outbound emails focus on pushing your audience to take action and bombarding their inboxes with sales mails. Whereas, inbound email marketing focuses on providing value to customers and pulling them to take action. This works through a process of targeted relationship building and sharing content that they find beneficial.

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101 actionable email marketing tips

101 Actionable Email Marketing Tips That Boost Results

We all know that email marketing has been around for a while, but many of us realise just how much the platform has progressed over the years. With so many new features in place and a digital transformation that is shaping how we interact with our customers, it’s time to get back up to speed on email marketing strategies.

In this post you will find effective email marketing tips to create memorable emails and increase your chances of conversion by utilizing tools such as personalization, segmentation and automation.
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email sender reputation

2 Ways to Improve Email Sender Reputation

Email marketing activities are only as good as their email lists. Every time you neglect cleaning your contact lists, you are placing your email sender reputation at risk. If your team is like most, there is room for improvement in your ability to gain better open rates and convert prospects with these email marketing best practices. In this article, we discuss two ways to maintain your email sending reputation which will help boost your email marketing strategy.

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