Essential HubSpot Workflows Every Business Must Try for Nurturing Leads

Marketers are spending time to create valuable content and nurture leads. This information must be shared at the right time in order to drive engagement. HubSpot's Marketing automation workflows allow marketers to trigger emails to leads based on criteria such as form submissions, page views, last email engagement and more. In this blog, we present you the essential HubSpot workflows that every business must try for nurturing leads.

1. Onboarding Workflows

When a customer purchases a product or service, it is important to offer them necessary information and move them in the right direction. With Welcome workflows, you can send a series of emails to new customers over a period of time.

Customer Onboarding

2. Topic based workflows

Topic based workflows help you educate your prospects or customers who have shown interest in a particular topic by downloading a gated asset, attending a webinar or by filling out a form.

Topic Workflow


3. Behavior based workflows

With HubSpot tag installed on your website, you can track everything that your contact does on the website. Further, with emails sent via HubSpot, you get to track the email opens and clicks. You can use all this information as enrollment triggers and send personalized information to them.
Web Visit Auto Follow Up 1
Web Visit Auto Follow Up 2


4. Re-engagement Workflows

Your potential customers are busy and may not engage with all your emails. It is important to track those contacts and re-engage them. With HubSpot Automation, you can easily filter the contacts based on the last email engagement and send targeted information to re-engage them.


Re-engage Leads

5. Upsell and Cross Sell workflow

It's easy to sell products/services to your existing customers rather than selling them to new ones. With upsell and cross sell workflows, you can reach out to existing customers at the right time and increase your business revenue.

Cross Workflow