The All New HubSpot Service Hub | Features & Benefits

With the onset of digitalization, the demands and expectations of our online consumers have reached new heights. Nowadays customers only prefer solutions that are personalized to their taste and can be accessible 24*7. If you have scaled to a certain extent, you might be having a hard time dealing with all your customers' requests. If you are out of options, then it's high time to try out HubSpot service hub for managing your customer support.  

HubSpot service hub, allows you to access all customer service details from a single platform. With so many integrated tools, it will make your life easier, and your funnel a little less stressful.  

Why Should You Use HubSpot Service Hub? 

As a marketer, you can agree that retaining existing clients is generally more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. That might be a broad claim, but it's backed up by a lot of facts. According to research, businesses that have an organized customer support framework are generally more profitable. By addressing all your customer's concerns then and there, you can win over their trust, getting them to buy from you again.  

Acquiring repeat customers will give you a steady flow of revenue. Therefore, you can also try out new marketing strategies, without stressing about losing your customers. Moreover, you can also bring in a skilled workforce, which will ultimately help you in developing your products.   

Why Is Customer Support Important for Retaining Customers? 

Customer support is all about customer satisfaction. And satisfied customers are bound to return one way or the other. Remember the last time you have gotten extra sprinkles while buying ice cream. It made you happy right? The sprinkles might not seem like a big investment, but getting something extra always leaves a positive impression. It also makes your customers feel that they are getting proper value for their money.  

A customer support service works in a similar way. While addressing all of their concerns, they will feel like it's an ideal product and there's nothing wrong with it. And, knowing something great, they will surely share their positive reviews with their friends, which will grow your customer base.  

 HubSpot Service Hub: Overview  

The HubSpot Service Hub is a one-stop platform for all your customer support solutions. This product is specially designed to assist your customer support team in every way possible. It enables you to prioritize client experience in order to provide genuine, integrated service and assistance in a quick and simple way. 

Moreover, HubSpot also has a competitive edge over other similar alternatives, as a lot of other tools and features are already integrated via HubSpot CRM within this hub. This makes the HubSpot Service Hub an all-around solution for any customer support operations.  

Now, you might be in the initial stages of your business, and you don't have a full-fledged customer service team. Even then you don't have to worry, as its user-friendly interface and dashboards will make your monitoring operations much easier. Moreover, it has a certain amount of intricate automation features, which will help you to upskill your service crew.  

Features of HubSpot Service Hub 

The HubSpot service hub does have a lot of features and functionalities, but it can be divided into three interconnected elements. Let's see what they are in detail:- 

Modern Help Desk 

As the name suggests, this is a type of helpdesk with intricate advanced features. Within the consumer support sector, there had been a debate about the superiority of ticket-oriented or conversion-orientation strategies. Both of them have their own unique perks, which can't be overlooked. Therefore, HubSpot has taken the initiative to combine both approaches in their service hub. So, you will be able to decide which is best suited for your company and your customer support team. 

Let's give through some of the major features of HubSpot's modern helpdesk:- 

  •  Shared Inboxes 
  • Routing and redirection of conversations 
  • Presence of an agent
  • A useful source of information 
  • Customized views and inboxes  
  • A customer service portal  
  • Mobile inbox 

While using this desk, the customer portal definitely comes in handy. Everybody prefers to get responses right away. Therefore, if you have a portal where your consumers can track their tickets and get real-time updates can be a very promising feature for your business. 

Omnichannel Service  

This is also a pretty exciting element! 

HubSpot understands how critical it is for clients to be able to contact you via any channel they like. Your loyal consumers always want to be a part of your brand, and would always prefer to interact the same way they do with their friends or surroundings. Some of the most common means of interaction are emails, social media platforms, or messaging.  

HubSpot provides a really great function called channel shifting, which allows interactions to continue across many channels when the same consumer contacts you. 

Apart from that, another feature that has turned a lot of heads is inbound calling. This feature allows you to answer phone calls directly from the HubSpot platform, and you can also track them. By tracking them, I am referring to HubSpot's creation of transcripts that are easily accessible from the customer record. This helps you to keep an organized record of your calls, without having to pay a penny on other applications.  

Some of the main features that make its omnichannel services stand out are:- 

  • Chatbots  
  • In-app chat  
  • Facebook Messenger  
  • Inbound calling  
  • Conversation APIs 
  • Channel Switching  
  • Chat feedback  

CRM Powered Automation 

HubSpot Service Hub has an excellent blend of tickets and chats. Using pipelines and processes, their ticketing system takes advantage of automation and CRM-oriented content. 

Customizable SLAs for chatbots also piqued the interest of companies with large customer support teams. This feature has also got some slick configurable analytical insights, offering you an optimal level of reporting flexibility. 

Some of its major features are:- 

  • Ticket pipelines  
  • Ticket automation  
  • Help desk automation  
  • SLAs 
  • Service Analytics Reports 

Final Thoughts 

As a business owner, you have to put customer satisfaction at the top priority, if you want your business to grow. And the first step towards that goal is having a well-planned customer support department. And the HubSpot service Hub can be really beneficial for achieving that goal. 

If you have an interest in the HubSpot Service Hub and want to know more about its features, feel free to contact us!